About Jamila Home

Jamila Home is known for its high-quality Luxury products. As the Sole Distributor and Manufacturer.

The vision of Jamila Home is to remain Unique in creativity in every sense of the word, focusing on providing a solution to all our beauty and aesthetically conscious customers with reliable customer support, prompt after-sales services, and excellent performance. Jamila Home Antiques is a specialist purveyor of antique tables and antique desks amongst a fine selection of dining tables, chairs, and furniture based in the Hertfordshire antique showroom. This encompasses a stunning range of reproduction furniture that includes Art Décor and earlier pieces of fine furniture.

Reveling in the sheer quality and luxuriously lavish designs of a world gone by, Jamila home Antiques bring you a revivalist selection of fine dining tables and chairs to add regal and in-fluent charm to your home or office boardroom. We stock a wide selection of beautifully maintained pieces such as the amazing Windsor chairs alongside one of the largest choices of genuine Regency, Regency, and Victorian dining furniture that once stood for England’s finest craftsmanship, renowned across the world for its luxurious and detailed features and build quality.